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on Apr 26, 2023
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We often access a website on our browser, which works fine. But when you try to access the same while automating it using Selenium WebDriver, the website is not loaded, and the browser shows a security error like “The connection is not secure” or “This connection is Untrusted.” The reason for this is the missing […]

on Apr 14, 2023
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While automating critical applications like banking apps, it’s important to implement error handling and validation checks to ensure that the application is secure and reliable for the bank’s customers. Additionally, clear error messages and notifications should be provided to assist users in troubleshooting the issue. Unforeseen circumstances or anomalies can occur during software development, and […]

on Jan 23, 2023
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Webpage automation has been growing extensively, and most of us have worked on it. It is something on which we work almost regularly, automating several scenarios and navigating through many web pages. But do you ever wonder what goes behind the scenes when the webpage is loaded in Selenium WebDriver? We know of a few […]