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on Jun 28, 2021
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In DevRel 62, we have made improvements in identifying different devices while provisioning and enhanced Content management. We’ve made some additions to the Template and Compliance Policy and added a few more features. Here is a list of what’s new: Support for provisioning the devices with the same Serial number  Disable Bluetooth policy in the […]

on Jun 26, 2021
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Today’s organizations must innovate on connected, remote digital products. Edge devices are a necessity for brands to offer new customer experiences, streamline operations and prepare for the post COVID world. But, traditional approaches to edge development and operations can result in sluggish innovation.  Eighty-two percent of organizations agree they need to quickly launch new, smart […]

on Jun 24, 2021
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Consumers are getting more sophisticated and want to be delighted as part of their retail experience. They expect it. Retail has changed dramatically, especially since COVID-19, often for the better. Retailers are constantly evaluating new in-store, online, and self-serve options that keep customers returning. They rely on innovative technology to create gratifying customer experiences and […]

on Jun 18, 2021
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Esper is unique in the way we support AOSP (Android Open Source Project) devices. While GMS (Google Mobile Services) devices have access to Managed Google Play and can install approved Play Store apps like Chrome and apply a managed configuration to them, this isn’t available to AOSP devices or any devices using private enterprise apps. […]

on Jun 15, 2021
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In DevRel 61, we will be rolling out an exciting new Pipeline UI and functionality. We have made updates to Esper Settings, Custom Reports, and some other features, along with bug fixing and improvements. Here is a quick list of what’s released: New Pipeline UI and functionality Ability to launch the Esper settings or Wi-Fi […]

on Jun 11, 2021
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Every day you hear stories of how COVID-19 impacted someone’s life. Take education. It has seen a tremendous shift towards digitization due to in-classroom restrictions. Unable to attend school, educators adapted student curriculums to remote learning models. Access to online classes and the day-to-day educational material from students’ homes became an everyday occurrence. Top NGOs […]

on Jun 9, 2021
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Customer’s retail behaviors have evolved rapidly since the beginning of 2020 – McKinsey described this forward leap as “a decade [of change] in days.” As a result, retailers have had to drive mobile transformation at lightning speed, rapidly adopting Android edge devices for mission-critical use cases such as self-serve checkout, contactless payments, inventory management, and […]

on May 26, 2021
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We’re excited to announce our partnership with Boundary Devices LLC to offer a connected smart platform for Boundary Device’s offerings of Android edge devices.  As the leading designer and manufacturer of single-board computers and modules for the general embedded Internet of Things (IoT) market, Boundary Devices provides solutions for clients seeking intelligent platforms to run […]

on May 20, 2021
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Today, we’re excited to announce our $30 million Series B funding led by Scale Venture Partners, with participation from existing investors, Madrona Venture Group, Root Ventures, Ubiquity Ventures, and Haystack. This brings Esper’s total funding to $40.6 million. Digital transformation is accelerating the adoption of intelligent edge devices across industries With the volume of connected […]

on May 18, 2021
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Behind every digital customer experience is an infrastructure. Brands who successfully compete on digital transformation invest in an operating environment that supports faster, iterative innovation, per Deloitte. A mature DevOps infrastructure enables brands to be agile and resilient, even during times of rapidly changing customer behaviors and uncertainty.  My years at Microsoft and Amazon taught […]